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Coaxial Point Sources

L-ACOUSTICS® introduced the first coaxial loudspeaker for sound reinforcement in 1989. Initially designed for multi-purpose applications, the coaxial technology has demonstrated numerous advantages over classic two-way systems which typically suffer from interference around the crossover point.

A coaxial enclosure constitutes a real point source and offers total wave front coherence within its beam width: linear phase response, no lobing, no comb filtering, smooth coverage transition over frequency, no minimum listening distance, and constant tonal balance over distance. The sound quality is worthy of studio monitor performances and listeners experience a natural and transparent aural sensation.




Coaxial Series

By providing high SPL, various beam widths and even sonic performance off-axis, the coaxial series (XT and P) allow an extensive coverage with few elements and are suited to various sound reinforcement applications as a main or complementary system. Thanks to the quality of the direct field off-axis, reverberation does not spoil the sonic properties of XT/ P coaxial sound sources. In distributed applications, listeners will tl_files/L-Acoustics/coaxial_glosnik.jpgbenefit from the near field coherency of the enclosure, and an excellent directivity control allows XT/P sources to be precisely aligned, avoiding cross-cancellation in the HF/MF region. This directivity control, along with the absence of lobes, also provides high feedback immunity for monitoring applications. With a remarkable vocal presence, a clear sound and a smooth radiation pattern, the artist will enjoy performing with the XT/P enclosures as monitors.

 tl_files/L-Acoustics/coaxial_logo.jpgPoint source technology is also suited to distributed applications in semi-reverberant spaces where a single reflected source offers a more coherent radiation field with less reflected virtual sources than a dual acoustic source typical of horn-woofer combinations.

All coaxial systems are available as plug-and-play solutions with built-in amplification and DSP (P series) or amplified controllers available with a complete set of dedicated preset libraries for FOH, fill and monitor modes. This integrated package offers the user a fast and easy set-up and ensures performance consistency, predictability and the best possible component protection.

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